Bring your meetings to a new level

Meetflows brings interactivity right to the conference. You can quickly organize a meeting using only the browser, and effectively hold it with high-interactive and powerful modules.

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How meetflows was appear?
In our practice, we had to use several services for each meeting to solve problems. We decided to put all the best together for your convenience and saving your data.
The meetflows team

What can meetflows do?

  • Creating room for yourself

    Make your team meetings more productive. Create your own meeting configuration, set up timers, manage notes and the order of speeches.

  • Preservation of meeting archives

    Nothing will be lost. All meetings will be available in the archive, which can be viewed at any time and exported for further work.

  • Notes on the familiar board

    Collaborate with the team, use cards on shared boards, vote for them.

Easy to start, easy to use

We have tried to make interface clear and familiar for you
  • Fast

    You don't need to download anything. You only need a browser.

  • Progressively

    Video conferencing, chat, screen sharing for better communication with meeting participants.

  • Controlled

    Setting up roles allows you to differentiate responsibilities in a meeting.


The increase in the productivity at conferences

Revealed by comparing the ratio of resolved issues per unit of time


Faster connection to the conference

One step and you're in the room. More effective than ever.

Increase your productivity with meetflows

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What's inside?

Meetflows uses the extensive capabilities of boards and editors to flexibly and quickly solve a user's problem.

  • Productively

    Limit the time for a specific task or user's speech. This will help you to keep meeting fit.

  • Operatively

    After creating a room, you just need to send a link to hold a meeting.

  • Simply

    No more calls. Just go into the room and start communicating.

  • Intelligently

    Modules allow you to structure and describe any meeting with colleagues for effective results.

For whom


    • How much it cost?

      You can try our product absolutely for free! This will allow you to get acquainted with the service and learn about its advantages. If you like it, you can purchase a subscription based on the size of your team to get even more features.

    • What is a room and modules?

      Each user can create a room. This is the place where your meetings will take place and it will only be available to people invited by you. You can also add modules for your room. The modules are a kanban-board, notepad, and timers. These tools will allow you to conduct a meeting more productively.

    • Do I have to create and configure a room every time?

      Of course not! All rooms are saved for your user, and the configured modules are saved with them. You can also try using builds of modules when setting up a room. They will speed up creation and show you the main features.

    • Are you save the data after all meetings?

      If you published any module during a meeting and later closed it, the result of the module will be stored in the archive of this room. At the moment, only your boards and notes are saved, but we also plan to introduce voice and video recording, as well as chats, screen sharings.

    • I often need a quick call. Does meetflows suit me?

      Absolutely! If you don't have time to register, you can create a one-time room for a quick call and share a link with your interlocutors. However, we recommend creating a user and any of your meetings will be saved. You can also share a link to a room.

    • Do you have an enterprise solution?

      Currently, only the cloud solution is available. But we are moving towards Enterprise and are always ready to communicate personally and offer favorable terms. Fill out the form below and we will respond to you.

    Choose the plan that suits you best



      • up to 2 rooms
      • up to 10 participants per room
      • video communication, chat, screen sharings
      • modules
      • One-day archives

      From $30/team

      • unlimited rooms
      • unlimited participants
      • video communication, chat, screen sharings
      • modules
      • endless archives
      • team


      • unlimited rooms
      • unlimited participants
      • video communication, chat, screen sharings
      • modules
      • endless archives
      • team

    Partners about us

    SCRUM events became easier with meetflows

    A lot of teams in our company uses SCRUM, but over time, it became difficult to keep events fit. Now the scenarios do a great job for us and we can not be distracted by small things.

    Meetflows became an online office for us during the courantine

    Our team uses meetflows for a long time already, so we can easily and quickly organize conferences without any additional software or any troubles.

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